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Welcome to debut of the site!
The server portion is now in operation. Sign up for a FREE profile (sample profile) and allow your guests to know when you're working and allow them to rate and comment your service.

Give yourself a raise.
In the world of serving you give yourself a raise. It all comes down to how your guests feel about the service they received and how much you were able to sell them. I can help you raise both sides of the equation!

Great service makes great money!
Have a look at the calculator page and plug in some numbers just for fun. I'm sure you'll find that even a small increase in either category makes a big diference on a yearly basis.

Start making more TODAY.
Based on my experience in restaurants I have prepared a booklet highlighting what I feel to be the key points to good service and how to give it. How to make the best first impression you can and have them leave loving your service. Having guests request you will increase your income. That's a given!

Have a look at the buy page and decide for yourself if spending $15 on a copy of the Serving 101 booklet is a good bet. The cost is minimal when compared to the increased earnings you may have if you follow the simple guidelines. The booklet is full of information designed to allow you to focus on guest satisfaction and increase your sales. Satisfied guests are happy guests and happy guests leave larger gratuities.

Buy the booklet or don't, obviously the choice is yours. All I ask is you make an informed choice about how you serve your guests. I want your income to be as high as possible for the work you do. Once you see what I consider serving to be, I think you'll be happier at your job and make more money doing it.

You gave me a card, do I suck?
If I handed you a card with this URL on it, it doesn't mean I think you're a bad server. It means I feel that almost every server stands to benefit from reading the Serving 101 booklet. It is my sincere desire to help all servers to increase their guest's satisfaction. Guests returning to your restaurant helps you and the restaurant's owner. Them having a great experience in any restaurant helps all servers. Assuring your guests a great experience bolsters the restaurant industry as a whole.

As a manager I would like to improve my server's skills
The serving101 team is able to perform in-store evaluations. We identify and construct solutions to provide your guests with a great experience and increase sales. Many times it's a bunch of little things which are hindering guest satisfaction and check averages. When you are there every day it's easy to overlook the little things. We're here to help! We can provide a report and allow you to do the follow up training or we can provide a complete solution, providing the training for you. Identifying the areas which could be improved is the first step. We can also provide your management team with the tools to boost sales by training your servers about the right and wrong things to say and do. Simply changing the wording can increase sales.

Time is a precious commodity, I appreciate the time you've spent here today.

Michael Carpenter

Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?