Serving101 can provide you with coaching and the tools required to initiate increased guest satisfaction and retention. The result being higher revenue and happier employees all at the same time.

Servers selling more and increasing the happiness and enjoyment of guests. Management helping servers to meet Service Standards. Showing them how to wow guests every day in every way.

Small issues become big ones:
Outstanding service, overall satisfaction and customer retention are all keys to your business being successful. It's too easy to over look the little things when you see your Operation on a daily basis. Human nature causes us to pass over the small things we see daily and only notice the larger issues which demand our immediate attention. This can lead to a decline in revenue for your restaurant.

The fix:
Serving 101 focuses on increasing guest satisfaction as well as driving sales. Increasing the restaurant's bottom line and the income of your staff. It's a win-win situation.

  • We train your staff to word their offerings in a more sales oriented way which increases overall sales with the same effort by the staff.

  • We coach your servers to provide concentrated service, increasing guest satisfaction and the perceived value. This leads to a higher rate of return guest visits and higher income.

  • We offer methods and the means with which to increase guest engagement. This allows them to feel and be more involved in their experience.

How we make it happen:
Serving 101 offers a full service, comprehensive solution. From the initial assessment, to the training of staff and management, Serving 101 provides you with the solution. We can set up, initiate and provide ongoing motivational incentives. We offer initial and ongoing education. We can tailor a solution targeting any specific area you wish to address; sales, service, guest satisfaction or any combination. We train staff and management to promote increased sales and guest satisfaction.

What you have to do:
There is no down side to our services. We invite you to see what it can mean to your organization. Start at whatever point you like, full training or select a single area of improvement to investigate our services and see how much they can mean to your bottom line.

What it means to you:
If you only increase add-on sales you will profit from the services we offer. If you increase guest satisfaction you will see a larger number of repeat and loyal guests. These guests will tell their friends as well as bring them in. You want your restaurant to become the place they want to go when a group is deciding where to have a meal.
Here is a typical scenario:
Servers, using our specific phrasing and question asking formula, can increase their add-on sales by selling a minimum of 4 additional add-on (or up-sell) items per shift. If each item is $4.00 and you have 6 servers on each day that equates to an additional $96.00 per day or $35,040.00 per year in overall revenue increase. With a food cost of 30% the yearly profit increase would be $24,528.00!

Using our methods the server in the above scenario would earn an additional $748.00 per year. Not a small number considering the work involved is simply phrasing the questions they already ask in a different way. These numbers do not account for increased guest retention or satisfaction. Servers will profit by an increase in request seatings as well.

Who's behind Serving 101:
Hello, I'm Michael Carpenter, owner of Serving 101 and operator of serving101.com. I've been involved in the service industry for over two decades. I've worked in customer service, ultimately finishing up as a Customer Service Manager. I have had the pleasure of being in sales both in a retail situation and as an outsides sales person. This taught me how to organize my time and how to make customers happy by seeing their true wants and needs, then assisting them in filling those needs.

I've worked for fifteen years in the restaurant industry. Working every position in the restaurant has given me a strong set of skills with which to create a whole house approach to providing the guest with the best possible experience. Once one understands the mechanics and timing of serving it becomes a position of sales and customer service pure and simple. When this is understood and all the ideas of the three parts are combined staff are able to provide a truly full service and well rounded experience for the guests they serve.

Call or email today and schedule a consultation. See what's possible in your restaurant.

Michael Carpenter


Michael @ serving101.com