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Why make a site like this?
The answer is simple, to help servers give their guests better service and make more money for their efforts!

A while ago my wife and I were dining out and our server made some glaring mistakes. Being a server I would say I'm a little bit on the picky side but I do have a heart for servers. When I see things I think are wrong or the server isn't doing things I think they should, I want to tell the server. I do not of course due to the fact it would probably not be taken well. Thus this site was born.

I have two decades of restaurant work under my belt and would like to think I've learned a thing or two about working in a restaurant and the service industry in general. It is my hope to pass some of these things along to those who might be starting out. Old hands in the industry might find a couple things they didn't think about and even if they do already know, it's not a bad thing to be reminded of the basics once in a while.

I hope to eventually have a place where servers can post their own tips and tricks about making more money on the job. After all, no one knows everything there is to know. Hopefully we can learn from each other.