DESSERTS - End the experience on a sweet note.

The time to sell desserts isn't after you've cleared the entree plates! The time to sell desserts is when you drop off the entrees in the first place. Get them thinking about the desserts you offer and just maybe they'll save some room to try them! It's all about how you sell them on the idea.

Selling desserts is, in my opinion, the most difficult sale there is. It's something which will cost more. It's something that people KNOW they shouldn't have if they are watching their caloric intake at all. But put all that aside and sell desserts anyway. I know I love them and "once in a while" is ok. Everything in moderation right?

When you drop off the entrees mention one fantastic dessert you have. You have one right? If you don't have one, get one! Speak to management about brining in something great, truly fantastic! When you check back on them to see how the entrees are, mention another dessert. The idea here is to get them thinking about the dessert they want but know they shouldn't have. They will sell themselves dessert. Maybe they'll all split one but one is better than none in my book. Every dollar I sell every night is $50 a year to me.

If you have a dessert menu leave it at the table, if there is one always on the table open it up to the desserts. The idea here is to get them thinking about how delicious the one they really like would be. Tell them about your favorite. Tell them not to think about the desserts at all (guaranteed to make them think about them, evil but true).

When you're walking a dessert to another table, take the long way there through the restaurant. Hold the plate low so people can see what's on it. Play it up a bit even, showing each table on your way. Telling them what it is. When you get to your section make sure to show it around. Make sure every guest gets to see what you're delivering. They will know someone ordered it, someone is going to be enjoying that decadent morsel on your tray. People will know it's actually something that someone thinks is the "right thing to do". People don't like to be left out. People don't like the fact that someone is going to eat that and they are not going to enjoy it. It's human nature. Is using human nature to make sales a bad thing? NO! Not at all. In the end they are going to be happy when they indulge themselves with that beautiful, perfect, scrumptious thing you walked by with on your tray. They are going to love it, every, last, bite!